Welcome to Antler Sculpture

Here you will find a unique form of sculpture made from shed antlers. Antlers are grown and shed each year producing one of a kind forms to create with. Each piece of art is an original with replication virtually impossible. I offer a unique style not common among artists, a contemporary rustic nature. Many pieces will be equally pleasing in diverse settings from the camp to the home or office. Prices generally range from $350 to $4000. Please feel free to contact me for more detailed information and pricing.

About the Artist

I currently reside in Clifton Park, NY with my wife and three children. Born in 1967 in the small city of Cohoes in Upstate NY I have had a lifelong interest in art. I can remember drawing primarily birds and other wildlife at a very young age. But like most kids in a small city art was fun but not a career. It was not until years later that I discovered that for me, art provides balance in my life.

The primary focus of my art comes from my love of nature and wildlife. Living close to and spending time in the Adirondack Park in Upstate NY, I find a never ending source of inspiration. I find nature demonstrates the daily struggle of life in its most primitive form, basic survival, food, water, shelter, etc. At the same time nature displays peace and serenity equal to none, a true expression of balance. When I discovered antler as a medium I found I had a real passion for it. Antler has strength, beauty, and uniqueness brought to it by the powerful yet graceful animals that carry them.

Unlike clay, marble, wood or other traditional sculpture materials, antler confines me to the natural characteristics of the shape created by nature. I find this quality fascinating as it challenges my artistic vision to find the art in the antler. I offer a unique style not common among antler artists, a sort of contemporary rustic nature. Many of my pieces would be equally pleasing in many settings from the home or office to the camp or country home. Antlers are grown and shed each year producing one of a kind canvasses to create with, no animals are harmed.

My goal as an artist is two-fold. First to share my love of wildlife and nature with others with the hope protecting animals and their habitat for the future. Second is to allow one to escape, if only for a moment, to a place they may have been or hope to be. To experience emotions of peace, serenity, solitude or perhaps anticipation or excitement that one can only experience in nature.

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