Welcome to Antler Sculpture 

Here you will find a unique form of sculpture made from the antlers of many species. I create from moose, whitetail deer, mule deer, fallow deer, elk, roe deer, and caribou. Antlers are grown and shed each year, producing one-of-a-kind canvasses to create with. I also enjoy creating unique forms of lighting using antlers, gunstocks, antiques, and other items. Each piece of art is original, with replication virtually impossible. I offer a unique style not typical among artists, rustic but sometimes contemporary. Many pieces will be equally pleasing in diverse settings, like camp, home, or office. 

About the Artist








I reside in Clifton Park, NY; I have a beautiful family, my wife, three children, and two grandchildren, the loves of my life. Born in the City Cohoes in Upstate NY, I have had a lifelong interest in art. I remember drawing, primarily birds and other wildlife, at a very young age. Like many others, art was not a career but a hobby. At my older brother’s request, I took a Civil Service Test for the Cohoes Fire Department, which changed my life. I fell in love with the Fire Service, helping others, the pace, and the excitement. I completed 30yrs and retired as a Captain. I was also a Rescue Squad Officer on the New York State Urban Technical Search and Rescue Team. On this team, I participated in the rescue efforts at the World Trade Center, another life-changing experience. Unfortunately, the weight of those years took a toll on me; I was struggling emotionally and physically. I sought mental health treatment and was diagnosed with severe PTSD. I openly discuss my diagnoses and continued treatment to remove the stigma attached to mental health. PTSD forced me to retire from my Fire Career and took away my ability to focus on art. Art, for me, was always a safe place, a place of calm away from the chaos, a place for distraction from the ever-pressing intrusive memories. It has taken me four years of therapy and many struggles to learn to retrain my brain. Tools such as yoga, meditation, and mindfulness have allowed me to return to what I love. I hope you enjoy my art and, while viewing it, you find a moment of peace that I feel while creating it.

Thanks for visiting my website.

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